One D Scorecard

Welcome to the One D Scorecard! The Scorecard provides a comprehensive look at the status of our region through key data indicators that align to five priority areas: Economic Prosperity, Educational Preparedness, Quality of Life, Social Equity, and Regional Transit. The One D Scorecard aims to increase access to data and information for regions across the U.S., foster a more informed civic dialogue, and track progress on shared regional goals for our region - metro Detroit.

The One D Scorecard interactively illustrates Southeast Michigan's performance in over 30 outcome-based indicators organized within the five priority areas. Individual indicators are trended over three years, indexed to provide a comprehensive score for each priority area, and ranked in comparison to over 50 of the most populous metropolitan regions in the United States to offer meaningful context.

The 2014 One D Scorecard is produced and maintained by Data Driven Detroit (D3). D3 provides accessible, high-quality information and analysis to drive informed decision-making. Our vision is that essential and unbiased information is used by all.

For more information about the One D Scorecard data, please see our Methodology.

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One Detroit Portal

The 2014 One D Scorecard is now also home to the Kirwan Institute's Southeast Michigan Regional Opportunity Index, in the One Detroit Portal. The Southeast Michigan Regional Opportunity Index provides a data deep-dive into the metro Detroit region to explore Census Tract level indicators specific to Southeast Michigan which complement the regional indicators available through the One D Scorecard.

The One Detroit Portal, together with the One D Scorecard, intends to illustrate the diversity of the cities that make up our metro Detroit region and, we hope, stimulate discussion about what opportunities and challenges alike exist in our region today and what we imagine metro Detroit to be in the future.

The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University provides the original data, index analysis, and methodology for the Southeast Regional Opportunity Index. In our Methodology, we make available a list of the indicators mapped in the One Detroit Portal. The full extent of their research on Southeast Michigan can be accessed through their site.


The One D Scorecard is made possible through philanthropic support and partners in research and development. Funding was generously provided by: New Economy Initiative; The Kresge Foundation; and Bosch Community Fund. Research and data partners for the One D Scorecard and One Detroit Portal are Data Driven Detroit (D3) and the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State University respectively. Development of the One D Scorecard comes from NiJeL, with information design provided by Kat Hartman.

Questions? Feedback? Contact us at AskD3@datadrivendetroit.org.